Stay Top-Of-Mind

Customers appreciate when you respect their time. Promote exactly what they’re looking for with display and remarketing.

Target, Then Retarget

Keeping the client’s brand at the top of the customer’s mind is the key to any successful advertising campaign. But today’s customers have short attention spans and need constant reinforcement in order for a message to stick.

At STRONG, we want the customer to think of our client first when the word “dealership” comes to mind. How do we do that at a cost-effective price? Display advertising.

Display ads allow our client’s message to be reinforced as a customer works their way through the buying funnel.

Our unique targeting and retargeting methods allow us to put an ad in front of a potential customer as that customer navigates the web. Display ads can be run at a large volume at an affordable cost-per-thousand-impression pricing option.

Follow Prospects On the Web

How often have you looked at a new shirt on a website, continued to another website, and seen that same shirt hanging out in an ad there? That clothing company is using a method called Retargeting to remind you to go ahead and buy that shirt.

Our Display ads use the same technique to remind your customers to go ahead and buy that new vehicle. Once the customer visits your website, we can follow them throughout their web experience.

Drive the Sale

Here’s how we imagine Display ads fitting into a customer’s buying experience:

  1. A customer, Greg, starts thinking about buying a new vehicle.
  2. Greg sees a Tier 1 ad while watching a football game. He’s interested in a new feature, so he searches on his phone for more information.
  3. Greg has given Google the information that he is now a New Car Shopper. Google shares that group of anonymous customers with us to market to.
  4. Greg goes to to check out the latest news on his football team. He sees one of our ads at the top of the page with the latest offer on the new vehicle he researched earlier.
  5. He reads the article and then clicks on the ad, which leads him to your site to check out your inventory. He clicks around your site but does not send in a lead yet.
  6. Greg goes back to his normal web behavior. Through our targeting, we are able to continue to market to him as he checks the weather, watches a YouTube video, reads the news, and more. Our urgent messaging lets him know this offer won’t last long – so he should act fast.
  7. Greg talks to his wife and decides to buy the new vehicle. He goes back to your site, completes a lead, and visits your store that weekend to make his purchase.

“One of STRONG’s strong suits… is their ability to understand traffic.”

– Chuck Colson
Partner, Hendrick Automotive Group