Making It Easy for Customers to Find You

Most people begin their dealership search online. We’ll make sure that yours stays at the top of the list.

When you search something in Google, what do you see? Usually, it’s a few paid ads at the top, followed by the “free” or organic results for the search terms.

When most people think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they imagine its purpose is to get a website listed at the top of those “free” results. But SEO is so much more than that.

While that may be the end result, SEO efforts must navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and face challenges you might not even consider at first.

Content is King

It all starts with the content on the site.

Each piece of content that STRONG creates is unique and tailored to match our clients’ goals. Before even one word is written, our content is researched and meticulously planned out to reflect our clients’ target geography and demographic. We match our content strategy to your needs, from focusing on specific makes and models to identifying what your audience is searching for online.

Our SEO method doesn’t stop here, though. We want the right content AND the right links. We work on internal link building, backlinking, and sponsorship opportunities to elevate your brand authority and attract more visitors to your website.

More Than a Search Result

Generally speaking, SEO works from two perspectives at once: visual and technical.

On the visual side, it works toward creating a smooth experience for users navigating the site. As for the technical side, it’s all about the under-the-hood aspects that keep your website glitch-free.

We dive deep into a website via site audits that inspect for coverage errors and issues as well as mobile usability. As algorithms and local markets change, our team works to keep your site up to date and optimized to maximize visibility.

Our in-house SEO team personally views the sites from the user’s perspective via desktop and mobile to find and correct anything that may hinder user experience, site flow, or successful conversions. With mobile users on the rise, we make sure that our sites are easy to access, quick to load, and simple to read.

“At the start of 2014 we decided to select a new ad agency for our dealership group. We chose STRONG and have had amazing results since the beginning.”

– Greg Harte
Owner, The Harte Group