Powerful, Cost-Effective Ads

Track offline sales, zero-in on your target customers, and benefit from the sharing component of social media.

The most powerful digital advertising tool available to dealers is paid social media advertising.

And what’s one of the most versatile and effective ways to target your potential customers? Facebook. This ubiquitous social media platform is a veritable goldmine of leads in the making, with every user who sees your ads primed to receive the message that your dealership is the right one for them.

Plus, Instagram is integrated into Facebook’s ad platform, giving you twice the exposure on two of the web’s most popular social networks.

Big Audiences, Even Bigger Impact

We target customers using demographic, geographic, and interest-oriented parameters. Then, we serve these customers ads spotlighting your dealership’s special promotions, featured models, and low-price deals. By customizing ads based on the user, we can grab the attention of casual web surfers and turn them into your newest customers.

As paid social platforms grow and evolve, so does our team. Part of that effort is ensuring that no creative option is left untouched. Videos, offer graphics, lead generation ads, carousels, collection ads, and messenger ads all play important roles in our comprehensive method of promoting your business.

Measured Success

Team STRONG is able to measure success and identify areas of improvement through a variety of tools including offline events, attributed purchases, custom conversions, retargeting, and custom targeting – all in our drive to keep your dealership at the top of customers’ minds.

“I always know where every dollar is being spent. I know that they take great time and attention to make sure I pay the lowest possible rate and always provide excellent service.”

– Robert Miller
Area Vice President, Penske Automotive Group