Laser-Focused Targeting

Never before in the history of marketing have you been able to reach a customer exactly when they are considering your product. Paid Search lets you do just that.

Our Paid Search team creates ads that reach the hand-raisers who will be your customers. Through our expertly designed targeting methods, we are able to reach the right customers at the right moment to drive them to your website.

To capture your customers right when they are searching for your products and services, we focus on a few key tactics.

Tools of the Trade

  • Keywords – Our carefully curated list of positive and negative keywords will trigger our ads when a customer searches for them. There’s a big difference between a customer searching for “new Honda Pilot prices” and one searching for “used Honda SUVs” – and we use keywords to clearly differentiate them.
  • Ad Copy – We make optimal use of Google’s ever-expanding space for ads. As a full-service agency, STRONG coordinates across channels to make sure your Paid Search ads have the same consistent message as your other marketing channels. We create each ad by hand to ensure that your copy is unique to your store. As customers interact with the ads to show us which ones connect, our team updates and modifies the ads to boost your traffic.
  • Geographic Targeting – We use all available data to target your most likely customers. Many agencies will use a default 50-mile radius for their digital advertising campaigns – NOT STRONG. We base our geographic targeting on YOUR leads and sales. We use local sales data to find where your customers are, and understand traffic and travel patterns to ensure you get the highest rate of return.
  • Beta-Testing New Advertising Methods – As a Google Premier Partner, STRONG is able to test new methods of search advertising not available to other agencies. We leverage these new technologies to optimize your ad performance.
  • Reporting – Our exhaustive transparent reporting is unmatched in the automotive industry. We are upfront with where and how our clients’ budgets are spent every month.

Constant Campaign Adjustments

The most important part of our Paid Search campaigns is the team that builds and manages them. We carefully monitor your budget every day of the week to make sure we are maximizing the campaigns that will bring our clients the best returns.

Too many agencies in our industry have a “set it and forget it” approach to Paid Search. That’s just not the STRONG way: In fact, we have seen that our accounts are adjusted 400% more than the industry average. It’s all part of our commitment to constantly improve upon the services we provide to our valued clients.

“Four years ago, we were hovering around 80% in sales efficiency with Hyundai. Today, we are sitting at 181% sales efficiency with Hyundai and have grown our market share from 4% to 9% with Hyundai.”

– Barry Buckner
Owner, Tuscaloosa Hyundai