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STRONG’s COVID-19 Response

With the world adjusting to the changes brought about by COVID-19, many people are experiencing uncertainty right now. For our clients, partners, and employees, we want to help ease some of that uncertainty. The following information outlines our plan to keep operations flowing during the outbreak.

Working With Social Distance

Originally, the majority of STRONG’s home office team has transitioned to remote work. We made this decision out of an abundance of caution and to do our part in preventing the spread of the virus. As of May 11, our team is beginning a four-phase transition back to the office. This will happen gradually to ensure the health of our workforce and mitigate disruptions to workflow.

The software we use to manage workflow at STRONG is entirely web-based. That means the transition into remote work comes naturally and has allowed our team to work with the same intensity we’d have in the office.

Communication is mostly virtual nowadays. Direct office lines have been forwarded to cell phones of key personnel. For group meetings, the company uses the GoToMeeting platform to facilitate conference calls with clients and partners. The majority of travel has been suspended, with communication taking place via phone or email instead.

Although we have made some adjustments, the team at STRONG continues to work harder than ever to serve our clients.

Adjusting Advertising Messages

When the social climate changes, advertising must sometimes change with it. We are working with clients to adjust and recreate any messaging that has been affected.

STRONG can aid dealers in creating letters to clients, employees, and partners addressing the dealership’s COVID-19 response. Additionally, we’re here to help create marketing that is appropriate for the current environment. Highlighting services like over-the-phone transactions and vehicle delivery is one way to remain sensitive to the social climate while positioning a client’s dealership as a problem-solver to customers.

Your Automotive Source for COVID-19 News

To help dealers stay informed in a fast-changing environment, we are dedicating our company blog to covering the latest on how the coronavirus is affecting automotive. Each week, you’ll receive a roundup of news along with strategies for continuing to drive sales during this time.

If you aren’t signed up for the blog, you can use the box at the end of this post to join.

At STRONG, we have industry vets who have been with the company the entirety of its 43-year history. Our company has seen everything from oil embargos to global recessions affect the industry. Keeping an adaptable, creative, and proactive approach is what has allowed STRONG to support dealers through the unexpected. We will be sharing wisdom from these longtime employees in the weeks to come.

These are confusing times we’re in. More than ever, STRONG is here to continue supporting clients as we navigate this crisis together. If you have any questions about your advertising strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact our team or John Paul directly.

– The Strong Automotive Merchandising team

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