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Civic Web Video Marketing Resources

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Honda Digital Marketing Resources

If you want to reach new customers and bring more car shoppers to your Honda dealership, Strong Automotive Merchandising has the marketing resources you need. Our automotive marketing agency is an official Honda Certified Partner, and we’re equipped to help you drive traffic to your showroom with Honda Digital Solutions. We know that every dealer’s situation is different, so we utilize HDS resources to provide a cost-effective, customizable approach to pursue your automotive sales goals.
Just as Honda models come in a dynamic assortment of trims, the Honda Digital Solutions packages each offer their own unique features. Take a look at the details to see what the LX Web Graphic, Sport Web Video, and Touring Web Graphic packages could do for your business. Dealer branding is included for any package you choose, as are OEM approval, Cloud storage file delivery, and a turnaround time of 72 hours or less.

Enhance Your Automotive Advertising with Web Video

Honda Digital Solutions includes several packages to help you meet your specific marketing goals, and if you want to get your potential customers’ attention with eye-catching video, the Sport Web Video merchandising package offers everything you need. Take a look at what this advertising bundle has to offer:
  • Web Video: Focusing on the model of your choice, we can provide a fully produced web video to drive visitors to your website, and you can choose from 15-, 30-, and 60-second video lengths.
  • Closed Captioning: For any web video, closed captioning will be included to make your automotive advertising as accessible as possible.
  • Endless Usage Rights: Your video will come with endless usage rights, allowing you to use your video files as you prefer whenever you want.
You can also customize your web video package with additional services like a dealer drone shoot–an on-location arial filming of your dealership to add high-quality footage to your video campaign. We can customize your dealer videos for web or TV, and we can even incorporate in-house talent for a unique message to suit your campaign.

Highlight Your Business with Web Graphics

Appealing, informative web graphics can direct shoppers to find exactly what they need on your site. If this sounds like the approach you want to take, consider the LX and Touring Web Graphic packages, which both offer dealer homepage graphics as well as SRP banners that appear on your inventory page to show shoppers the exact vehicle they’re searching for. If you’d like to customize your marketing package, you can add more advertising features like these:
  • Social Media Graphics: These images appear on your social media channels to appeal to potential customers with striking visuals and targeted messaging.
  • Display Ad Banners: These ads come embedded inside web pages to draw visitors to your site with information that can be custom-fitted to your campaign.
  • eBlast: Your message can reach potential customers directly in their inbox with these customizable emails.

Contact Us at Strong Automotive Merchandising

If you’d like to learn more about what Strong Automotive Merchandising can do for you, contact us at You can also enroll with Honda Digital Solutions by visiting the Honda Interactive Network (iN) portal when you’re ready. Whenever you want to drive more traffic to your Honda dealership, you can count on Strong Automotive Merchandising to help you reach them with a clear, effective message.


To enroll, visit the Honda Interactive Network (iN) portal or contact your HDS support team by email or phone.


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