H & H Chevrolet of Omaha

Strong Automotive - H & H Chevrolet of Omaha Case Study


H & H Chevrolet (HHC) of Omaha, Nebraska came to us at a time when they were bottom of the market and on GM’s target list. They wanted to move and build a brand-new facility, but GM told them they had to increase sales volume and sales effectiveness, or they wouldn’t allow the move.


GM’s original strategy was to have a dealership on every corner. Omaha, NE is a perfect example of this original mandate. Within 60 miles of HHC are 14 Chevrolet dealers.


STRONG analyzed the competitive environment and found the usual cast of characters: TV ads with Guaranteed Financing, beacon score and recently cleared bankruptcy direct mail, billboards with no credit no problem, etc. Creating a new approach would be required to cut through the clutter.


STRONG has always maintained that product merchandising is the key to generating more traffic. But in a market with so much same brand competition creative becomes more important.

STRONG created on-camera spokespeople Hannah and Hailey to deliver superior merchandising in a unique format.


Through use of the Twins and a heavy Network Television presence they are now routinely in the top three Chevy dealers in the state and are consistently #1.