Central Florida Toyota

Strong Automotive - Central Florida Toyota Case Study


On a map, Central Florida Toyota (CFT) is located halfway between Orlando and Kissimmee Florida but based on their diverse customers could be located in the areas of Cuba, Asia, Latin America, Puerto Rico or the Caribbean. With such diversity, CFT needed a strategy to keep and attract diverse customers.


Central Florida is a great Toyota market. Some of the largest dealers in Southeast Toyota (SET) are located in the Orlando metro. Rapid and diverse growth and increased marketing costs create a challenge for CFT to maintain and grow new customers.


Based on diversity and existing customers STRONG recommended a sales and service cadence direct mail strategy. Direct mail is proven to be the most effective media outlet to best geo-target customers. Direct mail still pulls a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing medium. Its response rate ranges from about five to nine times greater than that of email, paid search, or social media.

  • Mail allows you to target based on vehicle, need and diversity.
  • Mail creates a communication channel to maintain customers.
  • 77 % of Hispanics won’t discard mail before reading it, and 54% of
    Hispanic adults responded to a direct-mail offer, according to a
    Yankelovich Monitor Multicultural Marketing Study.
  • ┬áRecent results from a USPS survey indicate that direct mail influences 22% of product purchases for Asian-American respondents


Exceeded 2018 Sales.