Dealership Identity

One of the critical elements in Automotive Advertising is dealership identity. People continually ask about items they should do to maintain a... Read More »

Mindless Marketing

We saw a September that was definitely’not a ‘September to Remember’. Toyota, Ford, Chrysler were all reporting that they are down between 30-40%. But... Read More »

Underestimating the Importance of Your Current Customers

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Failing to Identify Your Target

Many dealerships and their marketing partners fail because they try to tackle too many types of customers with too limited of a... Read More »

Trying to Say too Much

The average person is exposed to more than 2000 messages per day. ‘Message’ being defined as an advertisement. People are being subjected... Read More »

Great Time to Gain Market Share

With the news of dealerships closing, public companies making major changes and sales volume dropping dramatically there still is one... Read More »

Everybody wants Everything – Not So Amigo

Remember the Pontiac Aztek, what about the Cadillac Catera and don’t forget the mighty little Toyota Echo. The automotive advertising world is changing more rapidly than... Read More »

Co-op Based Advertising

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What Would You Do if the Newspaper Gave You Liner Ads for FREE?

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Are Your Sales Managers Addicted to Print?

Here’s an idea if your Managers&Sales People are “addicted to print” and you aren’t. Have your ad agency create a newspaper ad... Read More »