2008 Industry Summary

The light vehicle SAAR (seasonally adjusted annual rate) for December 2008  was 10.3 Million – DOWN from 16.1 Million a year ago.... Read More »

KBB.com Most Researched Vehicles and Honda/Toyota Dealer Advertising

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…”  Let me open by saying one of 2008’s biggest disappointments was... Read More »

Marketing In-Service

Someone who reads this blog asked me to comment on marketing service. Should be an easy thing to do right?... Read More »

Automotive Search Engine Marketing

In a December 31st article from eMarketer.com,  an interesting survey done by a French Survey  company, Groupe Xerfi, revealed the growth  trends... Read More »

Ten New Year’s Resolutions in One - “Keep Pushing the Wall!”

You know I’m big on lists, but for 2009 there is just one New Year Resolution on my list –... Read More »

2009 in Preparation

I heard a stock market report this morning on the news that interviewed traders on the floor of the NYSE that talked about how... Read More »

Strong - January 2009 Newsletter

The ‘Net’ Effect of Blogging and Social Networking Click on the link below to access our newsletter! Strong – January... Read More »

The Annual Company Christmas Card

As we were designing this greeting card for our clients and vendors to commemorate 2008 and anticipate 2009, the message... Read More »

Blocking & Tackling… Getting Back to Basics

  Anyone who reads this blog should know the following phrase very well: There are numerous articles and comments floating... Read More »

Around the Block Thinking!

I was stuck in traffic behind a pickup truck from a local HVAC company. The reason I could tell was... Read More »