Staying Focused

“Remind yourself that if you will invest in growing your market share now, your profits will grow in a growing... Read More »

Supply You Got, Demand You Generate!

Below is the text from the article in the Birmingham News: Supply and demand equals great deal today By Toni... Read More »

Automotive Intelligence

Keyword Strength  “Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale” –Vince Lombardi GETTING READY FOR A GREAT DAY... Read More »

Ad Dollars

If you own or run a dealership you probably understand enough of the stock market, banking industry and investments to... Read More »

Vertical Strategy

“Business is in the toilet” “Then why don’t you try something different?” If the market is not responding your ads,... Read More »

Growing Market Share Has Never Been Easier – There’s Just One Catch…

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One of the Greatest Automotive Campaigns of All Time

DON’T YOU BUY NO UGLY TRUCK A little old lady, started as a sketch and turned into a phenomenon. Mike Strong and Tommy... Read More »

“Dealership Service Traffic”

How many of you host a monthly “New Car Owners Clinic?” How many of you spiff sales people on getting... Read More »

Automotive Internet Traffic

A simple illustration (actually one we created back in 2006 for our dealers) to illustrate just how easy it is... Read More »

Proof that ‘The Speed of the Boss is the Speed of the Gang!’

From a little-known U.S. Senator from Illinois to the White House, in what, 18 months? President Obama has been on the... Read More »