Search Engine Marketing Activity – SEM

Automotive Internet Advertising What a relief to walk into a dealership on Thursday, March 19, 2009, and have the ‘operations manager’ of... Read More »

Target the Credit Criminals

An increase in cash buyers means  a decrease in finance cash for your bottom line… What do you do?  ... Read More »

Want to have a big day on Saturday?

Here are a couple of ideas that will not cost you anything… (well, not much) Rearrange Lot on Friday Afternoon... Read More »

New Housing Starts will Generate Sales

Signs of the market coming back are to take a look at the “new housing starts” in your area. Population... Read More »

Size Matters

Internet Advertising As noted in Automotive News – March 16th 2009 – page 30. Web sites now need to be... Read More »

2009 Traffic Vision - Change Your Thinking

Automotive Advertising – Change Your Thinking After reading so much about ‘mall anchors and stores’ closing down, I am of... Read More »

Dealership Display and Point of Sale Materials

They say EVERYTHING’S BIGGER IN TEXAS and I believe they are right. Dealerships are BIGGER, the trucks get BIGGER, even the people look BIGGER. But the... Read More »

Chevrolet Dealer Advertising

An individual Chevrolet dealer decides to order heavy in pickup trucks and create exclusive options packages that cannot be found at the... Read More »

Honda Dealer Advertising

When Strong, creative director Dennis Johnson proposed the idea of cost-cutting for a local Honda dealership – by putting the dealer’s two sons, Ben... Read More »

Toyota Dealer Advertising - Parts & Service CO-OP Funds

Toyota Dealer Advertising Use your Parts & Service co-op dollars to good use. In the second quarter set a plan... Read More »