Used Car Success

My close dealer friend, Ronnie Watkins, told me something the other day that every dealer or owners needs to remember and... Read More »
Creating A Bang In This Market

Creative Sales Calls

Toyota Dealer Advertising A Toyota dealer who I was with today had his BDC manager in his office while we were having... Read More »

To Price or Not to Price

Automotive Internet Selling I came across a recent statistic that should help some dealers answer that question that has been... Read More »
Good, Better, Best!

Good, Better, Best!

Figures lie and liars figure! But playing with numbers can be mind boggling – like if you started by saving a... Read More »
If You Want a BIGGER Piece of the Pie – You Have to Go Where They are Serving it Up!

Carnival Atmosphere

Remember going to the baseball games as a kid, or maybe even the circus. There was a LOT going on: SCOREBOARDS, LIGHTS,... Read More »

2008 Industry Summary

The light vehicle SAAR (seasonally adjusted annual rate) for December 2008  was 10.3 Million – DOWN from 16.1 Million a year ago.... Read More » Most Researched Vehicles and Honda/Toyota Dealer Advertising