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High-Mileage Vehicles Show Selling Opportunity

News Roundup – May 20, 2022 Franchised Dealers Profit on ‘Very High-Mileage’ Used Vehicles High-mileage vehicles, once considered less-than-spectacular purchases,... Read More »

Stellantis Keeping EV and Gas Operations as One

News Roundup – May 6, 2022   Stellantis Keeping EV and Gas-Engine Operations as One According to Stellantis CFO Richard... Read More »

Penske's Most Profitable Quarter Ever, Home Prices to Climb 10%

News Roundup – April 29, 2022   Penske Automotive Delivers Most Profitable Quarter in Company History Automotive News reports that... Read More »

1 in 3 Consumers Check Email Two-to-Five Times Daily

Email marketing has existed in some form or another since the advent of email itself. And the statistics say that... Read More »

EV Demand Increasing With Gas Prices

News Roundup – April 22, 2022   As Gas Prices Went Up, So Did the Hunt for Electric Vehicles As... Read More »

Nielsen Was Bought Out: What It Means for Media Measurement

The Nielsen Corporation, the company responsible for the widely used rating system that tracks TV viewership, is being acquired for... Read More »

All About Google's New Vehicle Ads

Whenever Google launches a new advertising product, it’s all the marketing world talks about. Recently, the search engine giant announced... Read More »

Average Car Down Payment Breaks Record

Average Down Payment for New Vehicles Breaks $6,000 Concurrent with the rise in average transaction price, new vehicle down payments... Read More »

How to Market With Record Inflation

It used to be rare for a car dealer to have the upper hand in negotiations. Customers would enter the... Read More »

Leasing Popularity Declines, Car Ownership Still Important

News Roundup – March 31, 2022   Survey Finds That Vehicle Ownership is Important in Today’s Climate Chase Auto surveyed... Read More »