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Gen Z Despises Ads - How Do You Reach Them?

Gen Z may be the teenagers of today, but there’s no denying they are the car buyers of tomorrow. With... Read More »

Americans Buy More Luxury Vehicles

News Roundup – September 9, 2022   Americans Buy More Luxury Vehicles Than Ever Before The Wall Street Journal reports... Read More »

Both Sides of the U

Understanding the New Buyer’s Journey If you started working in car sales today, you’d hear industry vets insisting that this... Read More »

Bringing EVs to the Masses

The automotive industry has thoroughly embraced electric vehicles (EVs) as the future of personal transportation. And while the parts are... Read More »

The Future is Bright for Automotive Sales

It’s a fact: Consumer spending has slowed down as of late. However, that’s not to say that people are not... Read More »

Dealers Weigh in on the Economic Outlook

News Roundup – August 5, 2022   Dealers Prepare for the Future of the Economy Auto sales in the U.S.... Read More »

Buick Scores Top Spot in J.D. Power Study

Buick Scores Top Spot in J.D. Power Study Buick took the top spot in the 2022 J.D. Power Initial Quality... Read More »

GM and Ford Take on Tesla

GM and Ford Compete to Beat Tesla The rivalry between American automakers General Motors and Ford is longstanding. With the... Read More »

Ads Are Coming to Netflix - What to Expect

Netflix was the first streaming service that many TV viewers experienced. As competitors have cropped up over the past few... Read More »

What to Expect With Google Analytics 4

Marketing without analytics is like throwing business cards into the wind and hoping they’ll land on a buyer. The industry... Read More »