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Behind Volvo's New $35K Mini-SUV

News Roundup – June 8, 2023   Take a Look at Volvo’s New $35K Mini-SUV Volvo aims to attract younger... Read More »

Toyota's Ads Drive Loyalty Among Hispanic Community

News Roundup – June 2, 2023   Toyota’s Ads Drive Loyalty Within Hispanic Community Toyota’s success in capturing the Hispanic... Read More »

ESPN to Stream Its Flagship Channel

News Roundup – May 26, 2023   ESPN Plans to Stream Flagship Channel ESPN is preparing to offer its channel... Read More »

Ford and GM Plan More Incentives – A Win for Dealers

News Roundup – May 18, 2023   Ford and GM Plan More Incentives – A Win for Dealers Automotive dealers... Read More »

Things on My Mind: Trade Leads

The thing on my mind the most the week is how our dealers are handling trade leads. As the new... Read More »

SVMS Choose the Best Attribution Model

Get a more accurate picture of your marketing performance with Data-Driven Attribution. Learn how this model works, and discover its... Read More »

Automakers Ditch Apple CarPlay

News Roundup – May 4, 2023   GM Ditches Apple CarPlay General Motors (GM) has decided to develop its own... Read More »

FTC Promises Crackdown on False Advertising

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission warned hundreds of companies that any instance of false advertising could warrant a serious... Read More »

2023's Top 100 Dealer Groups for Used Sales

News Roundup – April 28, 2023   Manufacturers to Add More Subscription Fees to Used Cars Automakers are offering subscription... Read More »

Things on My Mind: Traffic

This week, I’ve been thinking about how driving traffic to a dealership has become easier than ever before. Thanks to... Read More »