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An interview with Mike Strong

Mike Strong, partner and founder of Strong Automotive Merchandising, brings decades of experience to the table in a special industry insights feature. Mike explains that everybody has the potential to have a great idea, and it’s those innovative ideas that have the potential to improve or change the way that we do business. He also explains that a great business starts with great people. That’s why Strong is always giving employees opportunities to become better.

In our business, we remind ourselves that we have one purpose – to generate traffic for the dealerships we represent.

To reach customers, Mike explains the importance of placing your message on the most current media people are consuming. If your message isn’t where the consumer is, you’re not going to be heard.

As a company, it’s important to take challenges and do new things. That’s what is needed to be truly great and excel.

Part of this involves working to increase your knowledge and your abilities. To that, Mike contends that you can’t solely focus on the present. Rather, you have to actively look toward the future and ask yourself where you will be.

Mike ends by revealing the cornerstone on which Strong has been built – client referrals. These are the most important things you can have, and you only get them by being excellent at everything you do.


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