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Why Strong Automotive Merchandising?

Any advertising agency can churn out a commercial or get an ad on Google. But how many can say they produce all of your content in-house?

That’s what separates Strong Automotive Merchandising from the other guys. We know our clients, we know their markets, and we know how to create every piece of advertising and strategy they will need.

For over 40 years, we have served dealers from California to Connecticut doing what we do best: driving traffic to dealerships.

Our Manifesto

Experts in Driving Traffic

Our mission at Strong Automotive Merchandising is to generate traffic. And we’re not talking about rush hour. Traffic for our clients means sending customers to their dealership. We generate interest and funnel buyers to a dealer’s website, phone line, or showroom so the dealership can close the sale.

We have built an arsenal of tools and expertise to accomplish this goal. Our standing as a Google Premier Partner means that we have the most advanced and sophisticated capabilities within the world’s largest search engine. Our team’s experience with Facebook allows us to merchandise and showcase dealers’ inventory and create instant traffic. And our social media specialists will stay on top of the dealership’s online reputation. Just last year, the social media team responded to more than 11,000 reviews on behalf of dealers.

By owning and operating our own direct mail printing company, Prospect Vision, we’re able to execute a project in a day and have it in the mailbox overnight. We have the printers, trucks, and quality control to ensure a more robust product than agencies that simply use a mail vendor. Along with physical mail, we offer an email service that has reached more than 550 million consumers across multiple regions and manufacturers, in the last 24 months alone.

Our media team buys millions of dollars in placements each year in over 50 markets nationally. This team is known for securing Added Value, or no-charge advertising, with every media buy they make. Better yet, our graphics and production services are among the fastest in the industry. When you work with us, we can have an offer updated and running by the next day – at the latest.

The biggest takeaway for dealers is this – we never spend a penny of our dealers’ money that we can’t account for. With a custom-built digital information center, we show dealers exactly where each dollar went and how it drove results.

From the Ground Up

The seed for Strong Automotive Merchandising was first planted by Mike Strong in 1977. Mike founded a retail advertising agency, quickly realizing that he could produce highly effective ads for automotive dealers using TV and direct mail. Mike’s tireless efforts grew the company to great heights, gaining a reputation with many manufacturers and dealer associations. Mike then took a step back from the company for a few years, turning it over to its employees to run and manage.

Then, in 2004 and armed with a pickup truck, laptop, and projector, John Paul Strong began a new version of the company. In the early days, there were only eight employees and 12 dealers. John Paul was determined to grow the agency, spending weeks driving across the country meeting with dealers in person and earning their business. He began working his way into major auto groups, showing success in building relationships. Along the way, he grew the business to be a multifaceted offering of services, including digital marketing, direct mail, and email marketing.

Whenever the agency began to grow, the sales team needed to service more clients in less time. That’s when AirStrong was born. While the size and scope of planes varied over the years, Strong Automotive Merchandising’s dedication to being in front of clients, learning about their business, and helping them grow has never wavered.

A Very Big Family

Throughout this journey, the agency has worked with numerous talented individuals helping to drive growth and success for our clients. We currently boast a team of 125 advertising experts, some of whom have been with us for the entire 45 years of the agency’s existence.

The Strong Family doesn’t only represent the founder of the organization. Rather, it is the embodiment of everyone who works at the agency. When working at Strong Automotive Merchandising, you really are treated and respected as a member of the family.


We Take Giving Back Seriously

As a member of the Birmingham community, we consider it our responsibility to help lift up our city and help people however we can.

That’s why we provide Christmas gifts for all of the children at the Big Oak Ranch. To learn more about the organization and how employees make an impact, visit the Big Oak Ranch website.


Donated to Big Oak Ranch since 2006

(In terms of monetary donations & gifts)

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The University of Montevallo

In 2017, Strong Hall opened at the University of Montevallo. The new building is part of the Department of Communication and provides a state-of-the-art learning center for mass communication students. The building was made possible by John Paul and Mike Strong’s financial support.

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