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10 Most Interesting TV Spots of 2014 – Editors’ Choice - #10 in a series

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10 Most Interesting TV Spots of 2014 – Editors’ Choice – #10 in a series

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“Fire Breather” – Toyota of Plano

Finally, the #1 most interesting spot of 2014. The only criteria presented to our editing judges was to select production that stood out to them for a specific reason and then explain why.


Plano, TX

“Fire Breather”

Editor’s Comments:

There isn’t an editor worth the title who doesn’t love to play with fire – therefore, this qualifies as a dream spot.  It also is right up there for attention-getting visual devices because who doesn’t love that flame-blower whether it’s a circus or magic show.  It’s all about excitement and promoting a dealer event as the biggest and best, or in the vernacular at the end of a sweltering summer – the hottest!  And although we hired a professional fire-breather, the tools of our edit suite added flames wherever we could to insure a smokin’ hot sale!


Commercial:  TOP081402T

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John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong

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