"I’ve never met a problem in a dealership that couldn't be fixed with more traffic."

-John Paul Strong

Build Your Next Day Traffic

Price sells cars. Always has. Always will.

When you are looking for a partner to help increase sales, you look for someone with experience. You look for someone that has a process and a plan. You look for someone that knows how to create a comprehensive, custom campaign that will increase your traffic today!

We are Strong Automotive Merchandising. We are more than an agency. We are experts in automotive merchandising. Our job is to create Next Day Traffic™ for you, and give you more opportunities today, than you had yesterday.

Words of Wisdom

Be Yourself - Strong Automotive

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde I read this quote that was printed on a napkin this week, and thought it was a very strong quote to end the week.  I think it pretty much explains itself.


It’s all about generating traffic. Our creative strategy centers on a process that creates next day traffic for our dealers across all forms of media. Original, persuasive and memorable creative is crafted using the leading industry tools coupled with our Strong thinkers to bring prospective buyers into action at your dealership.

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Our custom, multi-tiered interactive program pushes your website rank now while setting you up for future success. There is no magic pill and there is no single tactic that will get you there. It requires a constantly evolving process involving several components. Your digital marketing must be customized, flexible and relentless if you are going to outrank your competition.

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Direct Contact

In a world where new forms of media and avenues for reaching buyers show up every day, there’s still one way to ensure we are reaching qualified buyers for your products. We call it Direct Contact.

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Creating an effective media plan is just as much of a science as it is an art. Eliminating waste in media plans and providing maximum exposure on the right outlets creates the most traffic for your dealership. Strong has been entrusted with over $1.5 billion over the last three decades from manufacturers, dealer ad associations, publicly held companies and individual dealers.

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"Strong is not interested in winning awards for our creative. The awards come from the traffic our creative generates for dealers."
John Paul Strong

By the Numbers

Our dealers save an average of $500 a day from our relentless post-buy analysis process in our media department. The stations' errors are our clients' gains.


Total number of dollars recovered by the media department to date.